Live Music Update


What pairs best with 50 West wine from home?! Live music by your favorite artists streaming right into your living room! Many local musicians are streaming live shows on Facebook weekly and we want to introduce you to those events. We have a list of excellent musicians that were set to play at 50 West this month that we, unfortunately, had to cancel due to the current mandates. There are several ways to support local musicians during this time: stream their music and live performances, purchase their music and merchandise, follow them on social media and some even have virtual tip jars for viewers to utilize.

Andrew O'Day - - Sundays @ 6pm

Shane Gamble - - April 5th @ 7pm

Nathaniel Davis - - April 3rd @ 7pm

Annie Stokes - - Tuesdays @ 8pm

SweetNova - - April 3rd @ 8pm

Luke Andrews - - April 11th @ noon

Sally Mae Foster - - Sundays @ 11am

August Muller - - Fridays @  5pm

Chris Bone -

Adriel Genet

Matt Johnson -

Tyme & Lace -