Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting an event takes a lot - from when everything will take place, to who's doing what, to how everything will look - there's a lot to take into consideration. To simplify your planning, we've answered some of the most asked questions.

1. What is included in the rental fee?

  • The use of the contracted space for up to 3 hours. Each additional hour is $50 - $150/hour based on the space contracted. 
  • One staff person assigned to your event – prep room, greet your group, bar service of purchased wine (if only wine is served).
  • Access to your event space one hour prior to your event start time for setup.
  • Existing tables, chairs, and linens in the contracted space.
  • Wine glasses and chillers for bottles (if needed
  • Water station
  • Trash cans and bags 

2. How will the room be set up?

The room will be set up in its original orientation and clean prior to your arrival. For after hour events, set up and clean up time varies based on the contracted event time. Please direct specific questions to the Private Events Manager. For events taking place during operating hours, you may access your event space one hour prior to your contracted start time and will have thirty minutes to clean up following the event time. Please note that setup and clean up time must occur within tasting room operating hours.

50 West Vineyards:
Monday - Thursday: Closed

Friday: 12 PM - 6PM

Saturday - Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM

You are responsible for removing decorations and catering items (if the caterer isn't staying at the event). If the caterer is serving at the event, then they are responsible for the cleanup.

3. May I change the furniture layout?

All changes to the layout of the event space must be approved by the Private Event Manager. Depending on the space rented and the furniture you woul dlike to move, there may be a separate moving fee. Please send specific details to the Private Events Manager for pricing. 

4. May I decorate the event space?

Yes. All vendors (floral, lighting, props, etc.) must be approved and a decor plan must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event. You will receive a vendor checklist with your signed contract. We do not allow balloons. Items may not be attached to the walls, ceiling, or light fixtures. Open flame candles are not permitted, however, battery opeerated candles are allowed.

Specific signage for your event is not permitted outside of your rented event space except for afterhours events. 

5. May I bring my own food?

Only food prepared in a licensed professional kitchen is allowed. However, we will certainly make an exception for your grandma's special cookies.

For your convenience, we can provide you with a list of preferred caterers to set up and manage your catering onsite. If there is a caterer that you would like to use who is not on the list, then please submit their name for approval. The caterer will be responsible for serving during the event and clean up/trash removal following the event. If your caterer is delivering or dropping off items, then you are responsible for meeting them to accept the delivery. Deliveries must be made during your specified set-up time.

You are welcome to bring professionally prepared items from a restaurant or grocery store. You are responsible for all support equipment needed for your catering. Support items include plates, napkins, utensils, serving pieces, etc. We will provide you with trash bags and cans for when you clean up after your event. 

6. May I bring my own wine, beer, and liquor?

Due to licensing, only Sunset Hills' wine is allowed on premises during normal business hours. If you are hosting an event after business hours, then you may have beer and liquor at your event. You must work with a licensed caterer who will provide the appropriate banquet license to serve beer and liquor The licensed caterer must also provide professional bar staff to serve all alcohol during your event. All beer, liquor, and wine must be removed by your caterer at the end of the event. 

Please note that the caterer's ABC license will override the vineyard's license during the event if hey are serving beer and liquor. In that case, the vineyard is not allowed to sell any wine during the event. All wine must be purchaed prior to the event. If you are only serving wine at the event, then the vineyard will provide the staff to serve wine and sell additional bottles, should you wish to purchase during the event.

7. What is the wine requirement and what type of service is provided?

The number of guests at your event will determine the required amount of wine. Should you have 23 or fewer guests, you are only required to purchase a half case (6 bottles). For an event with 24 or more guests, you are required to purchase a case (12 bottles). You may purchase whatever bottles you like for this requirement and are not required to purchase all of the same varietal. All unfinished and unopened bottles must be taken with you at the end of the event.

Club members may use their club discount on wine. Non-members receive a 5% discount on half case and a 15% discount on case purchases. 

All Sunset Hills wine must be purcahsed from the vineyard or online store one week prior to the event. Wine may not be brought from home or personal wine libraries. Our tasting menu changes per the season. You may visit the vineyard's online store to select and purchase wines. 

We will provide a staff person to pour the wines you selected at your event from a bar during tasting room hours. During after hour events, your caterer is responsible for providing staff to serve wine if other alcohol is being served.

IDs will be checked by staff. Any guest who would like wine at the event needs to bring a valid ID.

If you would like a private seated tasting with one of our wine educators, then the fee is $10 per person up to 7 guests and $15 per person for 8-20 guests. This request must be made one month prior to your event date. Groups over 20 people will require more staff and the tasting fee will increase based on the number of people. Please contact the Private Events Managr rfor additional information.

8. Is music permitted during my event?

Absolutely! During normal business hours we ask that the volume level is contained to your rental space. Events held after hours may have louder music but must comply to Loudoun County noise ordinances. These events will have access to our AV system, to include existing speaker system and flat screens. 

9. Are event planning services included in the rental fee?

The Private Event Manager will provide you with the information regarding your rented space and a preferred vendor list. If you need assistance coordinating the logistics/details of your event, we are happy to connect you to local event planners. 

One staff member will be assigned as your point of contact during the event. They will ensure that your rented space is clean and set up according to the contract, that the existing furniture is in place. They will be available during the event to answer any questions by you or your contracted vendors.

10. Can my guests arrive via professional transportation?

Everyone wants to arrive in style! You're welcome to bring your guests in via hired transportation, however, please submit your request to your Private Events Manager two weeks prior to your event.

11. How are payments for private event rentals handled?

To confirm your reservation, 25% of the rental fee is due with the signed contract. The remaining balance of the rental fee along with the fee for a private tasting (if applicable) is due two weeks prior to the event date. Your wine order, whether online or in the tasting room, is due at least one week prior to your event date. 

To inquire about hosting your private event at 50 West, please fill out the Request Private Event Information form.