Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in the rental fee?

  • The use of the contracted space for up to 4 hours. Each additional hour is $150 not including after hour pricing. 
  • Existing tables and chairs in the contracted space.
  • 50 West Wine glasses and wine chillers

2. How will the room be set up?

The room will be set up in its original orientation and cleaned prior to your arrival. For after hour events, set up and clean up time varies based on the contracted event time. Please direct specific questions to the Private Events Manager. Please note that setup and clean up time must occur within your contracted hours and tasting room operating hours.

3. May I change the furniture layout?

All changes to the layout of the event space must be approved by the Private Event Manager. Depending on the space rented and the furniture you would like to move, there may be a separate moving fee. 

4. May I decorate the event space?

Yes, you are welcome to decorate your private space. However, all vendors (floral, lighting, props, etc.) must be approved and a decor plan must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event. Please note that balloons and confettii are not permitted and warrant a $150 clean up fee. Additionally, items may not be attached to the walls, ceiling, or light fixtures unless approved. 

5. May I bring my own food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food or have a caterer. We can provide you with a list of preferred caterers to set up and manage your catering onsite. If there is a caterer that you would like to use who is not on the list, then please submit their name for approval. The caterer will be responsible for serving during the event and clean up/trash removal following the event. If your caterer is delivering or dropping off items, then you are responsible for meeting them to accept the delivery. Deliveries must be made during your specified set-up time.

Should you wish to bring your own food and not hire a caterer you are responsible for all support equipment needed. Support items include plates, napkins, utensils, serving pieces, etc. We will provide you with trash bags and cans for clean up. 

6. May I bring my own wine, beer, and liquor?

Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted on 50 West property. 

7. What is the wine requirement and what type of service is provided?

Based on the event space you wish to reserve you will be asked to meet a food & beverage minimum. We require private events to meet this minimum by the end of your contracted time. Any wine or food purchased at 50 West may go towards the minimum. Fees spent on purchases outside of 50 West such as catering do not apply. 

A staff person will be available at the Tasting Room Bar or Club House Bar. Should you wish to have a private bartender a additional fee is required. 

IDs will be checked by staff. Any guest who would like wine during your event is required to bring a Valid ID. 

If you would like a private seated tasting with one of our wine educators, the fee is $30 per person. This request must be made one month prior to your event date. Groups over 20 people will require more staff and the tasting fee will increase based on the number of people. 

8. Is music permitted during my event?

Yes, during normal business hours we ask that the volume level is contained to your rental space. Events held after hours may have louder music but must comply to Loudoun County noise ordinances. These events will have access to our AV system.

9. Are event planning services included in the rental fee?

The Private Event Manager will provide you with the information regarding your rented space and a preferred vendor list. If you need assistance coordinating the logistics/details of your event, we are happy to connect you to local event planners. 

One staff member will be assigned as your point of contact during the event. They will ensure that your rented space is clean and set up according to the contract, that the existing furniture is in place.

10. Can my guests arrive via professional transportation?

You're welcome to bring your guests in via hired transportation, however, please submit your request to your Private Events Manager two weeks prior to your event.


To inquire about hosting your private event at 50 West, please fill out the Request Private Event Information form.