Jordan Westerfield
June 28, 2021 | Jordan Westerfield

50 West Receives Highest Bid in Foxes on the Fence 2021

The team at 50 West Vineyards is proud to announce that their entry for Foxes on the Fence recieved the most bids making them the winning candidate and people's choice. Foxes on the Fence is a bilennial event hosted in Middleburg, VA by the Middleburg Art's Council. The CEO of Old Ox Brewery, Mary Ann Burns, spearheaded the project this year along with the Middleburg arts council. This year, 2021, Foxes on the Fence raised over $32,000 to benefit projects in the town of Middleburg.

Various businesses in the town of Middleburg, VA are given a silhouette of a animal to create something special. 50 West Vineyards was given the silhouette of a hare and they had a blast decorating and naming their entry. The 50 West Team spent time together during their 2020 Staff Christmas Party to work together to make what they call "Corky". Each member from the team placed several wine corks on the hare to make a wine lovers dream come true.

Pictured below is a photo of the famous Corky. 





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