Hope Lehman
January 31, 2021 | Hope Lehman

In with the New and Out with the...Vintage!

In with the New and Out with the . . . Vintage!

50 West Vineyards will be introducing our newest versions of the Aldie Heights Cuvée for the
general public this week! While the 2016 Cuvée has been a staple red wine here at 50 West,
have no fear the 2017 is also an exceptional blend and much like our 2016 still encompasses the
boldness of the aging tannat – a varietal that has both high acidity and high tannin.

Following along in the 2016 Aldie Heights’ footsteps, the Aldie Heights 2017 showcases grapes
from both our sister winery Sunset Hills Vineyard #3 and Shenandoah Springs.
Along with this heavily-tannat oriented blend, the 2017 Cuée also includes 33% Petit Verdot
and 17% Merlot, which shows itself more in its soft and slightly fruity finish.

It has earthier notes of violet, cigar box, rose, new leather, fresh blackberry, and light roasted
coffee.The complexity of this wine can be paired beautifully with a lean cut of steak and a red wine
reduction and roasted cauliflower.

Come have a glass in the tasting room and tell us what you think or take a bottle home to age
for yourself!

2017 Aldie Heights Cuvee


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